Monday, July 4, 2011

Painting Process

Hey guys and gals. I'm currently working on a painting of my kitchen and I'm posting my process of the piece. I only work like this on larger paintings (about 30 x 40" and larger) that require a lot of planning and preparation. A few weeks ago I posted the initial line drawing I created after studying the subject for a few weeks. I scanned in the large drawing, printed it out at approx. 4" x 6" and began the value study. Just like the drawings, the value study was done from life. I then scanned in the value study and tweaked the composition until I felt it was correct; aside from cropping the image, I had to reduce the size of the ceiling to get the desired effect of the composition.

I forgot to record the step where I gridded the final composition and transfered it to the final canvas, though you can still see parts of the drawing that have yet to be painted over. I used vine charcoal to transfer the drawing because it doesn't mix with the paint and flakes off easily when paint touches it. Once this step is done, I start painting. Lately the weather hasn't been cooperating so I've only been able to paint for about an hour before I've had to stop (this is one of the issues of working from life and with a fleeting effect of light). The final painting is 36" x 45" and this is what I have after the first 4 sittings.