Friday, June 13, 2008

landscape and still life paintings

Some of the new paintings I've been working on.  Sizes range from 10 x 10" to 18 x 24".


April said...

These are beautiful. The light and the shadow are captured in each so well, It really makes you feel like you are in the painting and under those those trees. (Which looks like a nice spot to be in this heat).

Andrew R. Wright said...

I have been looking at these for awhile trying to think of something to say constructive other than "holy crapola these are filled with awesome-ness!!". But alas, there is nothing.

Seriously man, I dig all of these ESPECIALLY THAT TOP ONE!!! I want it hanging on one of my very small apartment walls!!

Geary Day said...

Ahhh more paintings. All of these are done really well. My favorite is definitely the one with the hanging dress. The brush work is pretty sick and the composition is great, Oh and the one with the flowers, the color in that and that subtle glow. Niiiiiice. Well when I get back from the academy we'll have to go painting or something, but incredible work man.

Guy Parkhomenko said...

hey man. these paintings are great. i'm blown away even by the thumbnails and the brushstrokes are fresh. i haven't been getting out to paint like i said i would, and the heat hasn't helped my motivation. but i gotta get ready for next semester(/a life of painting). how's everything going with you?

Robogabo said...

unbelievable Danny

subject matter, and execution
and the "limb" painting is a great one, very nice flow, specially the
curve cast shadow and the way you handled the overlaps and patches
of grass & dirt.

nice sense of perspective.

is very good very good control
and yet very sensitive.
all of these are great, all.

I guess we wouldn't mind
to see some more of those sketch pages also, even if they are from the old books you have :-)

Randy Bantog said...

Wow! really nice paintings.

pablo pablo said...

very nice!

trey said...