Friday, May 15, 2009


Finally got around to photographing more stuff.

The first two are about a year old.

"Marsh Trail"
16 x 22"

"Sand Dunes"
10 x 13"

Newer stuff.

"Sunset on the Marshland (study)"
6 x 9"

"Orange Fence"
8 x 12"

"A House"
9 x 9"

12 x 17"

8 x 10"

"White Azaleas"
8 x 10"

There is more to come.


Guy Parkhomenko said...

ahhhh beautiful paintings. there's so much different stuff going on here. it's great to see all this experimentation. really really nice colors and compositions.

Whitney Misch said...


A. Riabovitchev said...

Really Beautiful work on your blog!:o)

Robin said...

you got a tag on and I bet your hits are going through the roof. reeeeallly good stuff on here, Daniel, really good stuff. I love the touch both with brush and with pen/pencil.
is any of this for sale? do you take commissions, etc?