Monday, May 9, 2011

last 2 studies

These are the last 2 studies I completed before I started the final painting of my brother.

Russell (study)
24 x 26"

23 x 23"


stefan marjoram said...

Wonderful paintings - how long do these studies take to do?

Jens said...

a true inspiration daniel, I love your updates. Is it possible to tell us something about your painting education, I'm curious about that.

Rendez said...

great studies Danny. Is the bottom one a separate painting altogether, or is this going to be a series?

Russell said...
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danny robbins said...

Thanks guys. These studies probably took around 8-15 hours to complete. Most of these studies are meant to act as individual paintings. When I find a subject I want to paint, I explore it to discover exactly what I want to say about it.

I didn't have much painting education. The primary education I had was learning how to communicate an idea and compose a picture. Learning the mechanics of paint was mostly an independent process, though I did have some formal education. I primarily experimented on my own and borrowed much from friends, classmates, and master paintings.

Uncy Carl said...

I just spent about an hour looking back over your blog and your paintings.

I love the way you portray mundane subjects with such care and color. I am especially taken with the use of light in this image - capturing the glow of the computer display was inspired.