Sunday, April 1, 2012

Composition Issues

Here is some process work for a new painting. I posted a preliminary drawing for this painting about 3 or 4 years ago and I've finally gotten around to working on finalizing the composition, colors, etc. It took about 3 weeks for me to finish the drawing and compose it to my liking. I then painted the color study from life, and while doing so I realized there were compositional problems. I spent another week editing the composition, built the canvas (35"x45"), and transferred the composition.
After getting the painting to this stage, I once again realized that I wasn't 100% satisfied with the composition. Annoying. But with the magic of a digital camera and Photoshop, I edited the composition to reduce the amount of space on the right side of the painting to finalize the composition once again. I have learned to listen to that little nagging voice in my head (and listen quickly), or I will never be completely satisfied with the piece.

This is what the painting looks like now (it's a mess, I know). When I get around to it I will build the new panel, strip the painting from it's current panel, and stretch it around the new panel. I only took off an inch and a half - it isn't much out of 45 inches - but I have the tendency to be anally-retentive with my compositions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,
I love your work,and enjoy following your blog. I'm sure you will work out the issues you have with this piece. I'm curious - does it bother you that the foreground light post aligns perfectly with the corner of the building? Maybe this is your intent - for me this tangent creates a little tension that is worth mentioning. Good luck!